Descargar VISCA LA VIDA! gratis libro en español

El autor y escritor PINO CACUCCI , 2018 escribe un libro sobre Arte totalmente en español y castellano, con un total de 88 paginas, de la mano de la editorial y distribuidora TIGRE DE PAPER EDICIONS, Su isbn es 9788416855322.

  • Categoria Arte
  • Autor PINO CACUCCI , 2018
  • Paginas 88
  • ISBN 9788416855322

Sinopsis completa VISCA LA VIDA! y descripción


Visca la vida! We are excited about the existence of Frida Kahlo from the end of her days.

A short book that tells an immense story.

A fulminant monòleg that deals with the sufferings of Frida Kahlo's forced confinement, the artistic lucid deliri of a famous colour painter and the controversial relationship with Diego Rivera.

In a very real and now imagined Mexico, Cacucci poses on stage the burning synthesies of the existence of a great artist who, faced with it, is highly recognized and valued by the world.

In a few pages we find: Mèxic, the awakening of the imagination, the passion for a more extensive love, and in short, the story of a great doughnut.

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