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El autor y escritor BENJAMIN FRANKLIN , 2014 escribe un libro sobre Historia totalmente en español y castellano, con un total de 352 paginas, de la mano de la editorial y distribuidora SIGNET. PENGUIN PUTMAN, Su isbn es 9780451469885.

  • Categoria Historia
  • Autor BENJAMIN FRANKLIN , 2014
  • Paginas 352
  • ISBN 9780451469885

Sinopsis completa THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND OTHER WRITINGS y descripción

One of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Benjamin Franklin was a true Renaissance man: writer, publisher, scientist, inventor, diplomat, and politician.

During his long life, he offered advice on obtaining wealth, organized public institutions, contributed to the birth of a nation and negotiated with foreign powers to ensure the survival of his country.

Through the words of the statesman himself, The Autobiography and Other Writings presents a remarkable view of man and his achievements.

Other writings by Benjamin Franklin's wife and son provide a more intimate portrait of the husband and father who became a legend in their own time.

Edited by L. Jesse Lemich

With a new introduction by Walter Isaacson and an epilogue by Carla Mulford

Editor, inventor, educator and statesman, Benjamin Franklin was a complex and attractive character.

Here is a wide selection of his writings from Poor Richard's Almanac, scientific essays and political commentaries, as well as a generous dose of his famous humor.

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