Descargar FATTY LIVER DISEASE gratis libro en español

El autor y escritor OLCOZ JOSE LUIS , 2018 escribe un libro sobre Medicina totalmente en español y castellano, con un total de 372 paginas, de la mano de la editorial y distribuidora EOLAS EDICIONES, Su isbn es 9788416613977.

  • Categoria Medicina
  • Autor OLCOZ JOSE LUIS , 2018
  • Paginas 372
  • ISBN 9788416613977

Sinopsis completa FATTY LIVER DISEASE y descripción

The book you have in your hands gathers the shared experiences between doctors and basic researchers related to liver disease by non-alcoholic fat deposits.

These experiences have been discussed in different meetings held in León (Spain), trying to understand in all its dimension a process that is currently the most common liver disorder in developed countries.

This collection of experiences does not attempt to explore all aspects of the problem, but those in which the different authors have a relevant opinion.

We hope you enjoy reading while discovering nuances that help you have a broader view of this reality that is the pathological deposit of fat in the liver.

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