Descargar EL METODO 15/33 gratis libro en español

El autor y escritor SHANNON KIRK , 2017 escribe un libro sobre Literatura totalmente en español y castellano, con un total de 368 paginas, de la mano de la editorial y distribuidora ZETA BOLSILLO, Su isbn es 9788490703908.

  • Categoria Literatura
  • Autor SHANNON KIRK , 2017
  • Paginas 368
  • Editorial ZETA BOLSILLO
  • ISBN 9788490703908

Sinopsis completa EL METODO 15/33 y descripción

Imagine a 16-year-old girl, pregnant and helpless, who has just been torn from the treachery of her home and thrown into a dirty van.

Kidnapped, terrified alone.

Now, forget about her...

Imagine, on the other hand, a 16-year-old girl, pregnant and diabolically intelligent and manipulative.

From the first moment of her kidnapping, she feeds cares and relentlessly two unique desires: the one to save her baby, and the one to take revenge.

She's methodical and calculating, and she plans everything with a scientific mentality.

He leaves nothing to chance, while he waits for the perfect moment to put his plan into action.

Because in this case, the victim is as cold as his kidnappers.....

Imagine a 16-year-old helpless pregnant girl who has just been taken from the serenity of her home and put into a dirty van.

Now forget her...

Instead, imagine a 16-year-old pregnant manipulative prodigy.

She is put into a dirty van and feels a quiet desire to save her unborn child and take revenge.

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