Descargar A LEGACY OF SPIES gratis libro en español

El autor y escritor JOHN LE CARRE , 2018 escribe un libro sobre Literatura totalmente en español y castellano, con un total de 368 paginas, de la mano de la editorial y distribuidora DK, Su isbn es 9780241981610.

  • Categoria Literatura
  • Autor JOHN LE CARRE , 2018
  • Paginas 368
  • Editorial DK
  • ISBN 9780241981610

Sinopsis completa A LEGACY OF SPIES y descripción

Peter Guillam, a staunch colleague and disciple of George Smiley of the British Secret Service, also known as the Circus, has retired to his family's farm on the south coast of Britain when a letter from his former Service summons him to London.

The reason?

Your Cold War past has come back to claim it.

The intelligence operations that were once the toast of secret London will be scrutinized by a generation without memories of the Cold War.

Someone must be made to pay for innocent blood once it has been shed in the name of the common good.

Interweaving the past with the present so that everyone can tell their own story, John le Carre has given us a novel of superb and enduring quality.

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